Cleaning, divorces and suicides

It's quite normal that the kids wake up at 5:30 - 6 am. It's also quite normal that they are wild and energetic from the moment they open their eyes. Today as well. We have a morning routine for getting everyone ready, oatmeal, fresh clothes, boxed lunches and teeth brushing, then out the door, an… Læs mere Cleaning, divorces and suicides

67 seas i et sommerminde/67 seas in a summer memory Jeg kan ikke huske årstallet nu. Jeg ved, det har været omkring 1994 eller senere, for jeg var startet i gymnasiet. Jeg kan også huske, at det var sommer, og at jeg havde fået fritidsarbejde på den lokale tankstation. Jeg var i den der fase, hvor ens hjerne og hjerte ræser derudaf hurtigere, end… Læs mere 67 seas i et sommerminde/67 seas in a summer memory

There's this thing about life. Sometimes it's overwhelming, sometimes underwhelming. Either way, you just keep going because there's nothing else to do. When I was younger, a teenager, I used to dream about stopping. I was never a happy teenager. I remember this feeling, these dreams, of just quitting, giving up. I wasn't suicidal -… Læs mere