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We will speak up!

Do you feel better now, having spent the better part of half an hour trying to convince me of your hateful racist opinions being true? Would you feel better if you succeeded? And why the need? Why does it matter … Læs resten

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Cheetos and lost souls/Osterejer og fortabte sjæle

Against this darkness; it is but a lost soul, an anyone and everyone who got lost out there, and we take each others hands, and we speak it, we tweet it, we post it, we stand together, we stand close to those who lost, those who grieve, and we know it, we believe it, we speak it even as we cry, knowing we must hold on, we must hold fast, we speak it:

#jesuishumanity Læs resten

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I’m gonna change the world today

Today I want to write about our world. I want to write about how we could all be happy here. I want to write something that will change how we live, something that can make people stop, think and change. … Læs resten

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A mother’s child

I wonder what your mother saw, cradling you in her arms in the middle of the night, your face softly lit up by the light of the moon coming through the window, the entire house asleep but you two. Rocking … Læs resten

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Skam over Danmark/ Shame on Denmark

Jeg bor i et land, som i disse dage er skældt ud verden over. Store, internationale medier skriver artikler, laver satire og sætter Danmark på forsiden, fordi dette lille lands regering har vedtaget love, der lugter langt væk af tidligere … Læs resten

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